The cathode protection is one of the remedies to the corrosion of metals in underground and sea environment. The technique consists in polarizing the metallic structure making it cathode, changing its potential.  
That can be realized following two different processes:
Passive (with sacrificial anodes) Cathode protection 
Active (with fixed current systems) Cathode protection

On the market Cometox introduces itself as a specialized firm producing systems of passive cathode protection, through sacrificial anodes. Thank to the technological research and the professionalism of its staff Cometox gained a complete range of materials for the cathode protection. The annual ability of production amounts to about ten tons of zinc, aluminum and magnesium propitiatory anodes of varied measures, that go from few grams to different thousand of anodes of magnesium, of varied measures Kg.1,5-2,5-3,5-4,5-8,5, as well as kit for the cathode protection. The kit include 2 anodes of magnesium inserted in pure cotton bags with backfill (chalk, bentonite, sodium sulfate) and an electrode of reference (Fig.1) The kit include 2 anodes of magnesium inserted in pure cotton bags with backfill (chalk, bentonite, sodium sulfate) and an electrode of reference (Fig.1) The constant research of the quality characterizes and involves the whole activity of the firm. The raw materials are chosen, guaranteeing therefore a high level of quality of the end product. Cometox is ISO 9001:2008 certified; this not only guarantees the correspondence of the production at the most high international standards, but also the efficiency of the whole staff in carrying out the productive and administrative trials of the firm.

Here are some of the configurations in production:
Anodes of Zinc
Aluminum anodes
Anodes of Magnesium
Tide anodes engraved
Iron anodes Silicon
Anodes bagsi
Anodes of Graphite

Standard or personalized systems for the cathode protection for:
- Plumbings;
- Reservoirs and cisterns (buried or submerged too);
- Condensers of cooling filter, heat pomps and autoclaves interrupters

Production of anodes for the cathode protection of:
- ships (keels, cisterns, etc.)
- Metallic submerged structures;
- Sea platforms;
- Other maritime buildings

- Production of zinc spheres for the galvanization

The Cometox Srl, founded in 1983, summarizes the experience of several decades acquired in the previous individual company, in the field of intermediation of chemicals and non-ferrous metals. Initially distributors of national producers, gradually with the passing of the years, following the evolution of the markets, we have become privileged partners of international leaders of metals and chemicals connected to them, so as to be able to offer extremely good prices to unexceptionable quality. Flexibility and operational dynamism are the characteristics that have allowed the Company to develop. Visit the official website:


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    Cometox Srl is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified for : Sale of chemicals products and no ferrous metals. Production of Anodes for Cathodic Protection